Marianne, a guest speaker for CCC Flight Attendant Preparation Program

On June 11, 2015, Marianne, a east coast airline flight attendant, came to CCC Flight Attendant Preparation Program to give a 2-hour speech. Marianne has been a flight attendant for several years, with lots of experience working on the airplane as well as in the airport. During 2-hour speech, Marianne represented her experience of working as a flight attendant and described the duties of it.

After the speech, the students said they really appreciated that Marianne could come and share her rich working experience with them. From the speech, the students had a clearer picture of being a flight attendant. For example, when they provide ground service, they should accomplish the whole process of boarding of a certain flight, including giving a boarding pass, helping to lighten passengers’ load, and checking the tickets in front of the gate. The students really liked Marianne’s speech. They said that they did not regret to choose CCC because Flight Attendant Preparation Program here provided them with much practical learning experience that they would put into practice in their future career.

Create Career College offers 3-month duration Flight Attendant Preparation Program, with a Canadian diploma. In our Flight Attendant Preparation Program, you will have a chance to learn a lot of practical knowledges, such as first aid, make-up, also we will invite speakers to give a speech, and organize fieldtrip to YVR (Vancouver International Airport). You will not only learn a lot of knowledge about flight attendant, but also enjoy the process of learning.

The next session of CCC Flight Attendant Preparation Program is coming up soon on September 1st, 2015. If you want to achieve your dream flying in the sky, if you want to travel all over the world, intensive Flight Attendant Preparation Program in Create Career College will help you to accomplish your dream! Three-month program guarantees diploma! If you apply to the program before September, you can get scholarship! More information please contact us. Email: , Phone: 1-778-379-0909 , WeChat: createcareercollege