Flight Attendant Preparation Diploma


Create Career College’s convenient Flight Attendant Preparation program will enable students to gain solid knowledge and comprehensive skills. Imagine preparing yourself for switching to an exciting career and traveling the world, all while training at the BC’S top Flight Attendant school.

The goal of Create Career College Flight Attendant Preparation program is to enable students to develop the skills they need to carry out airline flight attendant duties effectively. Another goal is to improve efficiency, increase reliability and deliver pre–qualified candidates to their future careers in the airline industry.

Create Career College Flight Attendant Preparation program offers but not limited to:

  • Emergency and Safety Equipment Procedures & First Aid
  • Introduction to Flight Attendant & Career Preparation
  • Introduction to Airline Specifics
  • Cross Cultural Communications
  • In Flight Duties and Procedures
  • Aircraft Security Procedures
  • The Interview Process