College Programs

  • Hospitality Management Diploma
  • Travel & Tourism Management Diploma
  • Flight Attendant Preparation Diploma

Hospitality Management Diploma

Create Career College provide graduates with a strong management approach to the world of hotel, resorts, and hospitality business and particularly to business as it applies to the hospitality industry. The course will provide an opportunity for graduates to: become acquainted with the social, economic and environmental context within which the hospitality industry operates; understand the structure, nature, and operating characteristics of the different sectors of the hospitality industry; obtain an appreciation of the various functions of management and their interrelationships with other key concerns of managers such as marketing, finance, and human resource management.

Travel & Tourism Management Diploma

In this rapidly changing and expanding industry, tourism managers are challenged to understand and respond to a complex working environment, and a constantly evolving industry. Create Career College ensures that graduating students can rise to this challenge, and acquire positions of increased responsibility.

Create Career College equips the career-oriented graduates to smoothly transition to employment all over the world. The Diploma program of studies focuses on a range of core knowledge, skills, and attitudes that industry leaders and educators have deemed critical for graduates.

Flight Attendant Preparation Diploma

Create Career College’s convenient Flight Attendant Preparation program will enable students to gain solid knowledge and comprehensive skills, without ever having to leave home! Imagine preparing yourself for switching to an exciting career and traveling the world, all while training at the BC’S top Flight Attendant school without leaving your current job.

The goal of our programs is to enable students to develop the skills they need to carry out airline flight attendant duties effectively. Another goal is to assist our registered member airlines to improve efficiency, increase reliability and deliver pre–qualified candidates to our airlines ground schools.